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W2W considers it a privilege to equip all students with information and skills to make the most optimal health decisions regarding their sexuality and relationships. As a Sexual Risk Avoidance curriculum, Willing to Wait® includes topics such as reproductive anatomy, STDs, healthy relationships, dating violence, consent laws, setting boundaries, refusal skills, goal setting, contraception methods including efficacy and limitations, and communicates the intrinsic value of every student.

Willing To Wait Distinctives

Proven effectiveness found by Center for Social Research Currently in rigorous evidence based evolution process with national level evaluators.

Aligns with requirement of the State of Michigan (A through K) and the Michigan Department of Education standards and strands.

Nationally credentialed instructors dedicated to one area of focus. This is all we do, all year long.

Optimal health focus. Using a public health model strategy that emphasizes avoiding risk and includes risk reduction information.

Student peer leadership team presentation available.

Nationally informed. Local collaboration with local referrals and resources for wrap-around care.

Funded locally. Serving locally to strengthen our community.

Health equity. Compassionately teaching universally transferrable principles.

Relevant. Latest edition in 2021. Updated every two years. Citations reviewed and updated annually.

Medically accurate with each edition reviewed by medical professionals.

Data driven. Research based and evidence informed (NIH, CDC, WHO).

Annual data reports and participants responses captured and individualized for each school.

Experienced. Dedicated to teaching reproductive health since 1995.

Interactive. Fun activities for skill building in every learning style.

Holistic. Health for the whole person (physical, mental, emotional, relational).

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