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W2W Healthy You Program

W2W Is Holistic, Health-Focused, Age-Appropriate, Medically-Accurate, Research-Based, Evidence-Informed, And Data Driven.

Proven Effectiveness

From fall of 2015 to spring 2020, over 15,000 middle school students and 5,000 high school students in West Michigan participated in Willing to Wait. At the beginning and the end of their involvement in the Willing to Wait program students were invited to complete a survey.

“The change in students’ responses from the pre-program survey to the post-program survey was so robust that it was also evident when we separately examined each of the three–sub-scales – those measuring attitudes, knowledge, and behavioral intentions. Furthermore, these increases remained statistically reliable when examining data from all sub-groups of students…” The Center for Social Research, 2015

The Center of Social Research, 2015.

Evidence Based

W2W Healthy You  is excited to launch a robust study to evaluate our sexual risk avoidance curriculum known as Willing to Wait®. According to student surveys in 2021-22, 88% of teens who completed the program say they are better able to set limits in relationships and 86% say they will be able to build healthier relationships because of the program! But we want to learn more about this program’s impact on students’ actual behaviors.

 A national reviewer who has produced over one hundred similar studies is conducting detailed surveys with students to measure the long-term impact of Willing to Wait. We know schools are invested in making data-driven decisions to promote the success of their students. Contact us today at to find out how your school may be eligible to receive free programs, new educational equipment, technology, and gift cards by participating in this study.

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